Auto Repair, Tires, State Inspections, and More!

We offer Inspections for vehicles such as motorcycles, trailers, and many other automobiles. Call Uneeda to schedule an appointment for your next inpection.
Uneeda provides many different services including but not limited to alignments, AC services, tire sales, and many more automobile repairs.
We offer tune ups and optimization to the performance of your vehicle. Contact us today to learn how we can increase the quality of your vehicle.

Uneeda Tire & Car Care Center Offers Auto Repair

Uneeda Tire & Car Care Center in Beaver Falls, PA, offers experienced auto repair for residents of Beaver County and the surrounding areas. Your car is a vital factor in everyday life, as transportation is necessary to attend work and school, or to run errands. We offer diagnostic scanning tests to find mechanical problems, along with maintenance services like alignment, tire repair and sales, exhaust issues, starters, air conditioning, and more.

If you need auto repair in Beaver Falls, PA, or the surrounding areas, call Uneeda Tire & Car Care Center at

We offer free estimates on all services

PA State Inspections and Motorcycle Inspections in Beaver Falls, PA

Uneeda Tire & Car Care Center offers PA state inspections and motorcycle inspections for Beaver Falls, PA, and the surrounding areas. The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires PA state inspections for vehicles to test brakes, tires, steering, and other potential safety issues. Trust our auto mechanics to inspect your automobile, motorcycle, or trailer quickly and correctly, getting you back on the road as soon as possible. We also offer oil changes. 

Performance Upgrades for Vehicles in Beaver County

Do you love your vehicle but do not love the look or how it runs? Uneeda Tire & Car Care Center offers performance upgrades for residents of Beaver County. Our auto mechanics can add suspension lifts, shocks, leveling kits, and more to add important enhancements to make your vehicle run the way you need it.

Tire Sales and Repair for Beaver County, PA

Uneeda Tire & Car Care Center repairs and sells tires for drivers in Beaver County, PA, and the surrounding area. We carry most brands and can order what you need for your vehicle timely. In some cases, our auto mechanics cannot repair tires, like if there is damage to the sidewall. Count on our team to make necessary repairs or change the tires to get you back on the road in no time. We can check and adjust the alignment as well, along with other possible issues with the tires.

Call Uneeda Tire & Car Care Center for Air Conditioning Service

Uneeda Tire & Car Care Center can inspect and repair air conditioning issues for vehicles. Air conditioning is important to stay comfortable when temperatures rise. Our team will recharge the system, replace the air filter, and run any needed tests to determine the issue.

Give us a call or send us an email at [email protected] for a free estimate or to schedule air conditioning service.